Cimarron Metropolitan District

Agendas, Minutes and Public Comments

Meeting Schedule and Location

The District holds meetings every other month on the fourth Wednesday at the Parkview Swim & Fitness Club (19865 W. 94th Avenue, Arvada, CO 80007). Notices and agendas are available the Friday before the scheduled board meeting at both Swim & Fitness Clubs.

Each meeting begins promptly at 9:00 am. Business is conducted concurrently for the Cimarron Metropolitan District, the Vauxmont Metropolitan District, and the Candelas Special Improvement District. Public comment is allowed at the beginning of each meeting. The Board of Directors does not engage in direct conversation with the public, but does respond to questions in the "Public Comment" documents posted below.

2020 Cimarron and Vauxmont Districts Special Meeting Notice, 04-08-2020

2020 Cimarron Metropolitan District Regular Meeting Notice

2020 Vauxmont Metropolitan District Regular Meeting Notice

2020 Special Improvement District Regular Meeting Notice


2020 meetings will be held on the following dates:

     - Wednesday, January 22

     - Wednesday, April 8 (Special Meeting)

     - Wednesday, May 27

     - Wednesday, July 22

     - Tuesday, September 22 (Special Meeting)

     - Wednesday, November 18 (Special Meeting)


09-22-2020 Vauxmont Metropolitan District Agenda

09-22-2020 Cimarron Metropolitan District Agenda

08-14-2020 Vauxmont Metropolitan District Work Session Agenda

06-19-2020 Cimarron Metropolitan District Agenda

06-19-2020 Vauxmont Metropolitan District Agenda



09-16-2020 Vauxmont Metropolitan District Packet

09-16-2020 Cimarron Metropolitan District Board of Directors Meeting Packet

08-14-2020 Vauxmont Metropolitan District Packet

07-22-2020 Cimarron Metropolitan District Board of Directors Meeting Packet

07-22-2020 Vauxmont Metropolitan District Board of Directors Meeting Packet


Board Meeting Minutes

The minutes for each Board of Directors meeting will be posted here following approval and signature by the respective Board members. Minutes indicated with an asterisk (*) next to the name have not yet been approved and will be posted with a link as soon as possible after approval.

Cimarron Metropolitan District Minutes

CMD 1-22-2020

Special Meeting CMD 1-23-2019 

Special Meeting CMD 4-2-2019

CMD 5-22-2019

CMD 7-24-2019

CMD 9-25-2019

Special Meeting CMD 11-18-2019

CMD 11-20-2019

Special Meeting CMD 12-05-2019

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Vauxmont Metropolitan District Minutes

 VMD 01-22-2020

Special Meeting VMD 1-23-2019

Special Meeting VMD 4-2-2019

VMD 5-22-2019

VMD 7-24-2019

VMD 9-25-2019

Special Meeting VMD 11-18-2019

VMD 11-20-2019

Special Meeting CMD 12-05-2019

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Candelas Special Improvement District Minutes  


*SID 11-20-2019

SID 06-27-2018

SID 11-17-2017

Board Meeting Public Comments

The Board provides a public comment period at the beginning of each meeting. Following the meeting, CCMC and the Board compile answers to questions that were asked during the public comment period. Answers to all questions can be found in the documents below. Please note that depending on meeting attendance, not every Board Meeting will produce questions.

        Public Comment 07-22-2020
        Public Comment 04-08-2020
  Public Comment 01-22-2020
        Public Comment 01-23-2019
Public Comment 04-02-2019
Public Comment 05-22-2019
Public Comment 07-24-2019
Public Comment 09-25-2019
Public Comment 11-18-2019

Public Comments Archive

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