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Dear Candelas Homeowners,

Thank you for your feedback, support, suggestions, and patience as we continue to review and prioritize the needs of our fast-growing community. Your partnership and input have been critical as we look to find the best practices and solutions that address the needs of the Candelas residents.

Recently, the Cimarron Metropolitan District Board of Directors reiterated their commitment to enforcing the community standards that are outlined in the community covenants documents. (These can be located on the Candelas website here.) The CCMC team has performed a thorough review of the community and sent several hundred notices to homeowners regarding violations of the following covenant rules: on-street parking, fence staining, incomplete backyards, and general landscape upkeep.

In hindsight, we could have done a better job at communicating and educating the community in advance of reinforcing these community standards. We recognize that these letters my have surprised and upset some homeowners due to lack of prior enforcement. Please know that it was never our intention to upset homeowners or cause confusion. Our goal was and is to work hand-in-hand with homeowners to gain compliance and maintain a top-notch community.

As you know, the purpose of community covenants is to protect and preserve property values of homes in Candelas and to implement uniformity and consistent standards within the community. In an effort to better preserve and protect your investment, we will consistently enforce the community guidelines. In the coming months, we will use these lessons learned and your feedback/input to provide clear, consistent communication and education so we can work better together.

Moving forward, covenant inspections will be done on a routine weekly basis with education and resources being provided in notification letters sent. We will also look to be more strategic if we find a compliance issue impacts a large number of homeowners. Please note additional information on two issues - parking and fences - have been included below. If you have received a notice regarding either of these items, please see the new information and clarifications.

I will also be sharing these lessons and observations with our new District Manager that has been selected for Candelas! Having a dedicated District Manager is critical to responding quickly to issues and completing/improving District initiatives. An official announcement as well as a "meet and greet" invitation will be sent out next week. The new manager will be training for the next two weeks and will start in their new capacity on July 9th. 

As we continue our efforts to improve communications, please be sure you are subscribed to the Candelas resident e-blast, which provides advance notice of community-wide initiatives, education, and resources. To sign-up for the community e-blasts, please click here to add your email address to our distribution list.

If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or feedback, please contact me directly to discuss.

Thank you again for your partnership in building this amazing community!


Denise Hogenes
Interim District Manager

- - - - - - - - - -

Passenger Vehicle Parking

This past May, we attempted to educate the community regarding what we thought was the appropriate interpretation of the street parking covenant. Covenant Section 3.6.1 states: 

“Except as may otherwise be provided in the Guidelines, vehicles may be parked only in garages, in the driveways, if any, serving the Units, or in appropriate spaces or areas which may be designated by the entity with design approval rights under these Covenants, except that, any vehicle may be otherwise parked as a temporary expedient for loading, delivery or emergency.”

The key here is the verbiage that reads, “Except as may otherwise be provided in the Guidelines, …” Section of the Design Guidelines states, “Front loaded, single-family detached homes shall have 2 off-street parking spots per dwelling unit. These spots shall be provided within the front driveway and should be in addition to the garage. Additional parking will be provided on-street, as shown in the street sections.” Since the Design Guidelines clearly state that on-street parking in the community is permitted, owners are permitted to park on the street.

While on-street parking is permitted and no further notices will be mailed, there are many in the neighborhood who find it difficult to navigate the roads when vehicles are parked on the street. We encourage everyone to park within the community in the following priority:

  1. In the garage,
  2. In the driveway,
  3. In the street in front of your home,
  4. In the street in front of district common area,
  5. And as a last resort, in front of someone else’s home.
We appreciate your cooperation with these parking requests and thank you in advance for being thoughtful of your neighbors.

* Please Note: This paragraph only applies to regular passenger vehicles. Abandoned or unlicensed vehicles and RVs and trailers parked in the community for longer than 36 hours are not permitted and owners will be contacted accordingly. Owners with RVs and trailers should contact Denise Hogenes at to provide notice when an RV or trailer will be parked for the 36 hour loading or unloading period.

- - - - - - - - - -


Fences in the community (front, rear, inside, and outside) need to be stained with Diamond Vogel GS212 Cedar Stain. The stain can be purchased at the Diamond Vogel Stores in Boulder or Lakewood.

If you received a notice that you need to stain your fence and need an extension, please email Denise Hogenes at indicating the length of extension you request. Ideally, all fences will be complete no later than September 1st.

Some owners who live near a district landscape areas may not be responsible for staining the exterior of their fence. If you believe this applies to your fence, the District is happy to review the map to see who is responsible for staining the fence. Please note that we are also working on a fence ownership map that will be posted on the website so that things are clearer in the future.

- - - - - - - - - -

For a full listing of the community covenants, please click here.

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