Cimarron Metropolitan District

Parking and Vehicle Storage Reminders

For many residents, summer means travel and heading out into our beautiful state! We understand that this means more vehicles will be flowing in and out of the community this season, including extra cars from out-of-town visitors and recreational vehicles such as boats and campers. As you prepare for your adventures, we’d like to offer you a few reminders in regards to storing vehicles in the neighborhood.

Please note that Candelas does not allow any on-street parking. This helps keep our community both beautiful and safe for all of our residents and visitors. Instead, please park all vehicles either in your garage or driveway.

In addition, RVS, boats, trailers, campers and other recreational vehicles can only be stored in enclosed garages. However, we understand that you may need to bring one of these vehicles to the community for loading, unloading, or cleaning. Here are some things that you can to do be a courteous neighbor:

  1. Loading and unloading time must be limited to 36 hours. This ensures our streets stay clear and safe.

  2. Inform the District that you will have your recreational vehicle on site. Note when it will arrive and when it will leave the community. This allows us to make proper notes in our system should there be any concern or emergency. The District staff can be reached at 

  3. Park the vehicle in the least obstructive place possible. Refrain from parking in front of someone else’s house or blocking someone’s driveway. 
If you do receive a violation for parking, we appreciate you taking action immediately. Once the vehicle has been removed from the street, you will be in compliance with District covenants. There is no need to call and notify anyone the vehicle has been moved, as the correction will be noted and the violation will be closed during the next weekly inspection.

We thank you in advance for the care you show our community. We hope you have an enjoyable summer!

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