Cimarron Metropolitan District

Waste Management’s Summer Safety Tips

Stay Safe around Trucks  

We love to see kids smile and wave when we drive through your neighborhood and service your home! As schools let out, please remind children to watch our operations safely from the sidewalk or your front yard. They should never attempt to touch a truck or add anything to a cart while it’s being serviced. 

In their excitement to see our trucks on the road, children often forget the dangers of riding their bikes alongside or right behind our vehicles. Please caution them to keep a safe distance when sharing the street with our trucks. 

Remember, it takes large trucks about twice as long to stop as a passenger car, so never cut in front or stop suddenly in front of a trash or recycling truck.

Extinguish Fire Hazards

Backyard barbecues are a great opportunity to spend time outdoors with loved ones. But if coals or propane tanks aren’t handled properly, they can create a dangerous fire hazard for you, your neighbors and our employees. 

Did you know that coals can stay hot for days after use? Hot coals or ashes can flare up in your trash container. If emptied into the back of a trash truck, they can ignite the entire load. Bottles of lighter fluid pose a similar risk and propane tanks can explode when compacted in the back of a truck. 

Take these steps to stay safe this summer:
   - Place coals and ash in a metal container and cover with water to fully extinguish. This is also a good method for sparklers, fireworks and smoldering materials. 
   - Never put hot or combustible materials in a trash container. Dispose of propane tanks, lighter fluid and similar items at household hazardous collection events. The same rule applies for pool chemicals.

Select a Safe Pickup Zone

Please follow these simple guidelines to ensure your trash or recycling container can be successfully serviced every time.  When placing your container on the street, please ensure:

   - Container is 4 feet from any other object, including mailboxes, parked cars, fences, and other trash or recycling containers. Trucks need a safe space to access, lift and empty the container.
   - Handle faces the house or sidewalk, not the street. This helps the lid to open correctly during servicing, so materials fall into the truck, rather than the street.
   - All materials fit inside the container with the lid closed. This reduces the chance of materials falling out on the street while being emptied. 

Thank you for helping keep our community clean and safe!

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