Cimarron Metropolitan District

Frequently Asked Questions

This page addresses common questions for both new and established residents regarding facilities and the community.

I'm a new homeowner. What do I need to do to get set-up for the recreation centers?

Please stop by our service center and we'd be happy to help you! Our staff is available to assist you between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on the following days:

     •  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at Parkview (19865 West 94th Avenue)
     •  Saturday and Sunday at Townview (9371 McIntyre Street)

You should bring a copy of your warranty deed or settlement agreement to prove your ownership, as well as a photo ID. We’ll ask you to fill out a quick membership form, then we’ll provide your access card and pool wristbands. We'll also get you logged in to our community portal on RecDesk and added to the distribution list for community e-blasts.

Please note that two access cards are available to each household for free. Each person who receives an access card must sign for it, so anyone who needs to pick up their card must come to the service center.

Why do I need to wear a wristband at the pool during the summer?

The Board of Directors and CCMC are committed to managing and maintaining the quality and enjoyment of the Candelas community facilities and amenities. The wristband program is intended to ensure appropriate use of the facilities by those who live within the neighborhood. As such, the wristband policy will be enforced by the lifeguards, pool monitors, and District staff. We thank you in advance for your participation in maintaining the value of ownership within the community! 

How do I set up my mail service?

Contact the US Postal Service directly to set up your mail service. Staff at the Indian Tree Post Office will be able to assist you with obtaining your mail key and beginning your service.  

7765 Wadsworth Blvd
Arvada, CO 80003

How do I set up my trash service?

To request trash and recycling service, contact Waste Management at 303-797-1600. Be sure to specify you live in the Candelas neighborhood to set up your billing properly. Contact Waste Management directly for any questions or concerns about trash removal service. 

Trash bills are mailed on a quarterly basis by CCMC. When you receive the statement, it will provide instructions for payment options. For billing questions, please call CCMC at 480-921-7500.

What is the difference between a Homeowners Association (HOA) and a Metropolitan District?

Candelas does not have a homeowners association; instead, it is encompassed by the Cimarron and Vauxmont Metropolitan Districts. The District functions similarly to an HOA, providing many of the same services, including financial management and covenant enforcement. The main difference is how each entity is funded - where an HOA sets specific fees that are due on a regular basis, a Metro District is funded through the tax base. For this reason, there are no HOA fees to be paid at Candelas. Instead, the tax rate is slightly higher in the community and the additional taxes fund the operations of the Metro District.

I want to make a change to the exterior of my home. What do I need to know?

Prior to the beginning any home improvement projects that affect the exterior of a home, homeowners must submit plans for design review and approval. Review the Residential Design Guidelines using the link below, and then download an application to submit plans to the Candelas Design Review Committee. Questions and completed applications can be submitted to the Cimarron Metropolitan District via email to Suzi Cameron at Please note that applications can take up to four weeks to review. Designs are often reviewed sooner, but be sure to leave plenty of time for review before planning to start work on the project.

Residential Design Guidelines

Submittal Guide and Application Submittal Guide and Application (770 KB)

What can you tell me about the Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge?

Created after the largest and most successful environmental cleanup in history, Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge represents a remarkable Colorado milestone. For decades, the center of Rocky Flats was home to a manufacturing plant supporting America’s nuclear program. But in the mid-2000s, following a massive 10-year cleanup project costing more than $7 billion, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Energy (DOE), surrounding cities and all other representative authorities gave approval to transform the area into protected open space. Due to a lack of federal government funding, the refuge is not yet open to the public. That will soon change, however, as Colorado recently announced plans for bike and pedestrian trails connecting Rocky Flats to other open spaces. Candelas is situated in Arvada, more than 1.3 miles from where the Rocky Flats facility once stood, and the two locations are separated by thousands of acres of protected open space.  Please visit for more information about Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge.

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