Cimarron Metropolitan District

Community Guidelines 

Community Covenants

All homeowners in Candelas are required to maintain their property in accordance with the Covenants. View and print the Covenant documents below.

Protective Covenants and Easements (2012-03-26)
     •  First Amendment (2012-09-10)
     •  Supplemental Declaration (2014-07-21)
     •  Second Amendment to Protective Covenants and Easements (2014-11-06)
     •  First Amendment to the Policies and Procedures Governing the Covenants of Certain Lots in Candelas (2015-05-02)
     •  Third Amendment (2015-09-09)
     •  Second Amendment to Policies and Procedures Governing the Covenants of Certain Lots in Candelas (2016-01-27)
     •  Third Amendment to Policies and Procedures - Fine Schedule (2018-08-01)

Alley Lots
A subset of lots have adopted additional covenants to obtain landscaping and snow removal fees. For more information, view the documents below.
          •  First Amendment (2016-12-04)

Imposition of Capital Fees (2012-08-06)
     •  Fourth Amendment (2017-10-01)
     •  District Operations & Maintenance Cost FAQ (2018-07-24)

Imposition of Trash / Recycling Services Fee (2012-09-02)

2018/2019 Snow Removal Policy


Cimarron Metropolitan District:
     •  Resolution 2013-11-03 re Colorado Open Records Requests
     •  Vauxmont MD Resolution for Posting Notices (2019-01-01)


Landscape and Design Guidelines

Click below to view all landscape and design guidelines for Candelas.

Prior to the beginning any home improvement projects that affect the exterior of a home, homeowners must submit plans for design review and approval. Click the link below to download an application to submit plans to the Candelas Design Review Committee. Questions and completed applications can be submitted to the Cimarron Metropolitan District via email to Lee Tinajera at Please note that applications can take up to 45 days to review. Designs are often reviewed sooner, but be sure to leave plenty of time for review before planning to start work on the project. Any projects installed without approval are subject to removal if not approved as constructed.


Design Review Committee

Currently there are three open positions on the Candelas Design Review Committee (DRC). Homeowners interested in getting involved in this process are asked to have a vast knowledge of all aspects of the Candelas Design Guidelines in order to be successful committee members. The Design Review Committee (DRC) considers design and improvements to property, landscaping, and variances.  During these meetings, the DRC:
  •      •  Reviews design plans for single family and semi-custom homes
  •      •  Reviews Architectural Review Applications for improvements to property (including but not limited to - deck additions, solar panels, pergolas, sheds, landscaping, etc.)
  •      •  Reviews new paint color requests for existing homes
  •      •  Approves or denies variance requests
To be considered for this committee, applications are due via email to the District Manager or in person at the Parkview office no later than 5:00pm on Friday, September 20th. 


Recreation Facility Policies          

The Townview and Parkview Swim & Fitness Clubs are accessible by resident key card daily between 5:00 am - 11:00 pm. Pool hours are 5:00 am - 9:00 pm daily from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. CLICK HERE to view the Aquatic Schedule. Visit our Contact page for more information on our service center hours at the facilities.

Click below to view the policies for the recreation facilities.

Recreation Amenities Policies and Procedures

Pool Rules and Regulations

Sustainability Program Guidelines 

The Candelas Sustainable Development Program provides a comprehensive approach for sustainable community development for the benefit of present and future generations. The Program presents a balanced model to meet environmental, social, and economic needs of the community while accommodating the financial commitments and realities of the development environment. The policies, guidelines, and standards of the Program provide a wide range of activities that are reinforced by complementary sustainable design features included in the Candelas Residential Design Guidelines. Click below for more information on the Sustainable Development Program.

Candelas Sustainable Development Program

Sustainability Committee Application