Cimarron Metro District

The Cimarron MD Board meets on the third Tuesday of March, June, October and November at 3:30 p.m. at the Candelas Parkview Swim and Fitness Club (19845 W. 94th Avenue, Arvada, CO 80007) and via Microsoft Teams.
Relationship between Cimarron and Vauxmont within Candelas:
“The property within the Candelas development (“Development”) is located within the boundaries and/or service area of two districts - the Cimarron Metropolitan District (“Cimarron”) and Vauxmont Metropolitan District (“Vauxmont” and with Cimarron, the “Districts”). The Districts are quasi-municipal corporations and political subdivisions of the State of Colorado organized in the City of Arvada (“City”) and operate pursuant to Service Plans which were approved by the City on March 1, 2004 (as modified on March 29, 2010, the “Service Plans”).
Pursuant to a Facilities Funding, Construction and Operations Agreement between the Districts, Cimarron serves as the “Managing District” for financing, constructing, operating, and maintaining certain public improvements within its service area, which is generally the boundaries of the Development, and Vauxmont serves as the “Financing District” to provide funding to the Managing District. Vauxmont is also responsible for providing covenant control services.  
Conversations relative to shifting all maintenance, ownership and management responsibilities from Cimarron to Vauxmont are currently being undertaken.
Cimarron MD Board of Directors:
President - Brian Mulvany, Term Expires May 2025
Secretary - Patrick Vaughn, Term Expires May 2027
Treasurer - Brian Daly, Term Expires May 2025