Cimarron Metropolitan District

District Governance

Purpose of the District

Cimarron Metropolitan District (“Cimarron” or, the “District”) was organized in 2004 concurrently with Vauxmont Metropolitan District (“Vauxmont”) in order to finance, construct, operate and maintain certain public improvements throughout the Candelas development. Cimarron acts as the “managing” district and is responsible for managing the financing, construction and operation of the public improvements. Vauxmont acts as the “financing” district, and is responsible for providing funding needed to support the District’s provision of services.

The majority of the public improvements (including the water lines, sewer lines and streets) constructed by Cimarron are dedicated to the City of Arvada or to other governmental entities for perpetual ownership and maintenance. But, Cimarron does have certain ongoing service responsibilities primarily including operation of the recreation centers and park facilities and maintenance of certain landscape and open space areas.

Additionally, the property within Candelas is subject to certain Covenants related to: (1) maintenance, repair and replacement of certain drainage improvements; (2) design review approval; (3) administration and enforcement of certain geothermal and solar programs, improvements and technologies; (4) landscape maintenance of certain specific lots; and (5) administration of trash removal and recycling programs. The Districts are responsible for administering and enforcing the Covenants. A copy of the Covenants can be found on the Policies page.

Finally, in May 2010, to supplement the ability of the District to provide public improvements, Vauxmont formed the Candelas Special Improvement Districts (“SIDs”). The SIDs were organized to encourage, accommodate, and provide financing for renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements (“Green Improvements”) in Candelas by, among other things, collecting sustainability fees which may be rebated to homebuilders and/or homebuyers that install qualifying Green Improvements.

For more information regarding the Districts and their operations, please click here to view a general disclosure statement.

Note: Water and sewer service within Candelas is provided by the City of Arvada.

Board Members and Election Information

Each District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors. Board members are elected by property owners within the Districts and are elected to staggered three and four-year terms of office. Any individual who resides within the boundaries of the District, or who owns or is under contract to purchase taxable real or personal property situated within the boundaries of the District, and is a registered voter in Colorado, is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

Regular District elections are held in May of even numbered years. Information related to District elections may be obtained from the District Manager at 720-625-8080.

     Board Member and Position                  


Term Limit
     Page Bolin  President    May 2023
     Amanda Rieter  Treasurer May 2023
     Brian Daly  Assistant Secretary            May 2022
     RaChelle Fifer  Assistant Secretary May 2023
     Brian Mulvany  Assistant Secretary May 2022
     Traci McDonald, Secretary  Secretary  

     Board Member Office Term Limit
     Brian Daly                                                    President & Treasurer           May 2023
     Brian Mulvany Assistant Secretary May 2022
     Patrick Vaughn Assistant Secretary May 2023
     Mark Mitchell Assistant Secretary May 2022
     VACANCY N/A May 2023
     Traci McDonald Secretary N/A

District Documents and Financial Information


Vauxmont Series 2019 and 2020 Bonds


Wednesday, January 20th | 4 pm | Parkview Swim & Fitness Center

Wednesday, March 17th | 4 pm | Parkview Swim & Fitness Center

Wednesday, May 19th | 4 pm | Parkview Swim & Fitness Center

Wednesday, July 21st | 4 pm | Parkview Swim & Fitness Center

Wednesday, September 15th | 4 pm | Parkview Swim & Fitness Center

Wednesday, November 17th | 4 pm | Parkview Swim & Fitness Center


The budget proceedings documents outline the process of how the District's financials and budget are approved each year. 

     Cimarron Metropolitan District - 2019 Budget Proceedings
     Cimarron Metropolitan District - 2020 Budget Proceedings MD



Cimarron Metropolitan District

     CMD Financials 2019-01

     CMD Financials 2019-02

     CMD Financials 2019-03

     CMD Financials 2019-04

     CMD Financials 2019-05

     CMD Financials 2019-06

     CMD Financials 2019-07    

     CMD Financials 2019-08

     CMD Financials 2019-09

     CMD Financials 2019-10

     CMD Financials 2019-11

     CMD Financials 2019-12   

         View 2018 CMD Financials »   

Vauxmont Metropolitan District

     VMD Financials 2019-01       

     VMD Financials 2019-02

     VMD Financials 2019-03

     VMD Financials 2019-04

     VMD Financials 2019-05

     VMD Financials 2019-06

     VMD Financials 2019-07 

     VMD Financials 2019-08

     VMD Financials 2019-09

     VMD Financials 2019-10

     VMD Financials 2019-11

     VMD Financials 2019-12                            

Special Improvement District

     SID Financials 2019-01       

     SID Financials 2019-02

     SID Financials 2019-03

     SID Financials 2019-04

     SID Financials 2019-05

     SID Financials 2019-06

     SID Financials 2019-07   

     SID Financials 2019-08

     SID Financials 2019-09

     SID Financials 2019-10

     SID Financials 2019-11

     SID Financials 2019-12    



The annual audit provides an overview of the District’s basic financial statements for the fiscal year.

Cimarron Metropolitan District - 2019 Audit
Vauxmont Metropolitan District - 2019 Audit

District Audits - Archive »


This information must be provided annually to the eligible electors of the District no later than January 15th.

2021 Transparency Notices

     Cimarron Metropolitan District
    Candelas Special Improvement District
     Vauxmont Metropolitan District

2020 Transparency Notices

     Cimarron Metropolitan District
    Candelas Special Improvement District
     Vauxmont Metropolitan District

2019 Transparency Notices

     Cimarron Metropolitan District
     Candelas Special Improvement District
     Vauxmont Metropolitan District

2018 Transparency Notices

     Cimarron Metropolitan District
     Candelas Special Improvement District
     Vauxmont Metropolitan District