Pool Rules

Please review the items below to ensure there are no delays in gaining access to the pool:
Residents who have not signed into RecDesk: Create an online profile through RecDesk first at https://candelas.recdesk.com/Community/Member/Login. This is for new homeowners or if you have never made an account with RecDesk before. Please be sure to add only residents. Once that is complete, please come to the Parkview office during normal business hours with your special warranty deed or settlement agreement along with a photo ID. We will then finalize the process. 
All Residents: Complete the 2024 WAIVER. This may be done by clicking the 2024 Waiver HERE The waiver can be signed digitally and will be sent to management once it has been submitted electronically. You may also stop by the Parkview Clubhouse during business hours to complete the waiver. Waivers will also be available before entering the pool deck.
All Residents: Swim bands should be worn while utilizing the pool. Adult wrist bands are Gray, Teens (14-17 years of age) are Purple, and youth is Light Blue. Youth four (4) years of age and younger do not need a band. If your teen/ youth has had a smaller wrist band in the past we would be more than happy to get them a larger size, just bring in the smaller bands to the Parkview facility during normal business hours. The Updated Candelas Pool Guidelines may be viewed HERE. Please review these guidelines with all individuals in your group prior to utilizing the pool.
Pool Access Procedure: Upon arriving at the pool, please use your amenity access card to enter through the clubhouse doors and proceed directly to the pool area.  
Pool Departure Procedure: Patrons will be asked to utilize the gates and stairs located on the East and the South of the facility to exit the pool area. ADA access will remain through the clubhouse. This will aid in ensuring all patrons have been checked in and their waivers received.
Townview Pool Update: An opening date will be communicated as soon as repairs are complete.