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Press Release from Jefferson County Libraries
Posted on Aug 3rd, 2023 Comments (0)
Hello Candelas Residents,
The Jefferson County Public Library has announced information regarding a capital project underway to build a new library in Northwest Jefferson County. Please click the link below to read more on the press statement.
New Members of the Vauxmont Board of Directors
Posted on May 25th, 2023 Comments (0)
We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the newly elected members of the Vauxmont Board of Directors. Peter Schulte, Anna Smith, and Paul Hoisington were sworn in on May 15th, 2023 and will each be serving a 4 year term. We would also like to thank Craig Conway and Travis Hart for their continued dedication to the community and it's residents.
The Vauxmont Board will meet next on June 20th, 2023 at the Parkview Swim and Fitness Center, starting at 4:00pm. Residents are welcome to attend meetings in person or virtually.
Vauxmont MD Board of Directors:
President - Peter Schulte, Term Expires: May 2027
Vice President - Anna Smith, Term Expires: May 2027
Treasurer - Paul Hoisington, Term Expires: May 2027
Secretary - Craig Conway, Term Expires: May 2025
Assistant Secretary - Travis Hart, Term Expires: May 2025
Resident Solicitation for Landscape Committee
Posted on Mar 24th, 2023
The Vauxmont Metropolitan District (the “District”) Board of Directors (the “Board”) is seeking qualified residents interested in serving on a Landscape Committee that the Board anticipates forming after its March 21, 2023 board meeting.
Resident Directors may interview applicants prior to such meeting to ensure that they are qualified to serve on the Landscape Committee and fulfill the purposes set forth by the Board. Applicants should be willing to serve on the Landscape Committee for a term of one-year and must demonstrate a particular interest in improving landscaping of common areas within the community with professionalism and a positive attitude (details provided in the resolution).
Any resident of Vauxmont Metropolitan District interested in serving on the Landscape Committee for the District should file an application with the Board. Applications should include (1) a letter of interest, (2) a physical address of residence with in the District, (3) the number of years living/owning property within the District and any relevant involvement in community activism, (4) description of all relevant experience and knowledge about special districts and/or landscaping and (5) a bio statement. Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 3, 2023 to be considered. Applications should be sent or delivered to Vauxmont Metropolitan District, c/o Timberline District Consulting, LLC, PO Box #351929, Westminster, Colorado 80031 or sent via e-mail to Brittany Barnett at
Trash Service Switching to Direct Resident Billing in 2023
Posted on Jan 12th, 2023
Changes to Republic Services Billing 2023
Posted on Dec 13th, 2022
Attention Candelas Residents: Following the changes to Arvada negotiated waste removal rates, the District will be switching to direct billing for residents' waste removal. Residents should expect a bill from Republic Services and should verify their updated payment methods are correct. With this transition, please also verify any previous late payments to the District are settled with CLA from the past years.
CLA (Clifton Larson Allen) 
Phone: (303) 265-7949
Community Budget and Mill Levy Update
Posted on Dec 9th, 2022 Comments (0)
Community Budget and Mill Levy Update 
Thank you to everyone who has called, written, and participated in the 2023 Vauxmont Metro district budget discussion. As a community, we have faced several unexpected and challenging issues this year as we look to complete the transition from the developer (Cimarron Metro District) to become an independent, fully resident run community.
Community Budget Meeting
Posted on Nov 1st, 2022 Comments (0)
Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Community Budget Meeting
Time:6pm to 8pm
Please join the Community Meeting
11/1/2022 @ 6-8pm
Join on your computer, mobile app or room device
Or call in (audio only) +1 720-547-5281,,199347257# United States, Denver
Phone Conference ID: 199 347 257#
Candelas Street Light Update
Posted on Aug 18th, 2022 Comments (0)
Please click on the link below for the most recent update from the City of Arvada regarding the street light issues in the Candelas community. 
Town Hall Meetings to discuss Design Guidelines
Posted on Aug 6th, 2022 Comments (0)
The Vauxmont Board of Directors has approved the new Residential Design Guidelines for the community. The new guidelines can be found on the Candelas Community website or by clicking HERE.

Timberline has scheduled two town hall meetings to provide residents with an overview of the new guidelines, the ARA process and the covenant control process.
The town hall meetings will be held at the Parkview Swim and Fitness center on
the following dates:

August 4th, 2022 5:30pm - 7:30pm 
August 9th, 2022 1:00pm - 3:00pm 

If there are specific questions you'd like addressed during the town hall please send them to

*We will have kid friendly activities set up so please feel free to bring your little ones if needed. 
Thank you to all volunteers for the 5/28 flower planting event!
Posted on Jun 1st, 2022 Comments (0)
This year in order to save money and free up funds the Board asked the Landscaping Committee to host a flower planting event.
This saved us roughly $12-15K and the great news is, these flowers that were planted therefore we will have an on going cost savings of about $15-18K per year.
Saving this this money enabled the Board to take care of the fixes needed at Townview pool and the Foxtail Detention Pond.
Thank you to the 30 residents that stepped up and volunteered their time to help plant flowers at the four entrance beds.
Again a BIG Thank you to the Candelas Landscape Committee!
It takes a Community, you all are amazing!
Update on Foxtail Detention Pond
Posted on Jun 1st, 2022 Comments (0)
Our contractor has completed the work on the plate at Foxtail pond.
There was a new gasket installed and bolts were added to the bottom of the plate. 
Thank you!
Foxtail Pond Updates
Posted on Apr 29th, 2022
Update as of 4/28/22
All Candelas ponds, including Foxtail Pond,  were inspected by the City of Arvada and the Developer's water engineer 4/27/22.  Foxtail Pond was confirmed that it is functioning properly, as it was intended (one component of the larger stormwater and drainage system that runs through the community).  The water level is a few inches below the intended level of the micropool due to the minor leak in the outfall structure, a general lack of rain (which would feed the pond through the outfall structures coming from the streets in conjunction with flows from the upstream drainage channel) and normal evaporation rates consistent with standing water during a dry period.  It was further agreed that the leak is considered "a minor issue" and a leak like this is common for detention ponds throughout the state.  The City also said the leak is not having any adverse impact on the stormwater system and does not require immediate repair. 
End result: Foxtail pond is currently in compliance.
Visually, the cleanup effort looks incomplete, mainly based on the clear delineation of where the cattails were removed versus where they remain. 
ELCI was brought in to get this pond functional again, they did their best to submit a proposal to get it cleaned up and operating again.  ELCI was given a “not to exceed” provision of 125-man hours in the proposal.  Once the work commenced, they communicated to the Timberline team that there was more work than they had projected. 
Next steps:
1)  The Board approved a certain dollar amount, so Timberline and ELCI  had to manage to that authorized amount
2)  The primary goal was to get the pond functioning as intended with positive drainage flows as engineered (which has now been confirmed was successful)
3)  The secondary goal is to get as much cleaned up as money we had left and re-evaluate at that point
Timberline has asked them for a few more proposals for the Board's consideration/discussion:
1)  Removal of the rock "island" at the major inlet, the original proposal was for $4,785. 
2)  There is sediment and rock buildup in 3 out of the other 5 inlets that needs to be removed. 
3)  A proposal for what it would cost to clean up Foxtail Pond after a major rain event (outside of routine maintenance intervals) to ensure the pond drains down within 48 - 72 hours as designed
The Timberline team will be in touch as they receive the additional proposals.
Just to clarify for the community as a whole: there seems to be confusion about what type of pond Foxtail Pond actually is.  Foxtail Pond is a detention pond; with a micropool component, NOT a retention pond. Per water law in Colorado, you cannot retain water that you don't have the rights and/or permits for in what are approved "detention ponds".  What this means is that we cannot allow Foxtail Pond to hold more water than it was designed and intended to hold.  With regular maintenance, the depth of the pond, at any given time, may be higher or lower than desired, based on natural precipitation.  Therefore, community expectations should be adjusted accordingly on the visual and physical nature of Foxtail Pond.  In time, the vegetation and ecosystems will re-establish and recover.
We understand that this pond, amenity/common area/common and the space around it, is important to the Townview residents, as it is also important to the entire community in having a functional stormwater management system.
Thank you!
Stage 1 Fire Restrictions
Posted on Apr 22nd, 2022 Comments (0)
Stage 1 Fire Restrictions
As of 5:30 p.m. on, April 20, 2022, Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader implemented temporary Stage 1 Fire Restrictions for all lands in Jefferson County.
These restrictions are being enacted due to current dry conditions favorable for the possibility of a wildfire, and limited availability of fire control resources. Please note the use of all fireworks are prohibited within the restricted area. Conditions will continue to be monitored and restrictions will be adjusted in the coming weeks as necessary.
Pursuant to the Annual Operating Plan regarding the implementation of fire restrictions and fire bans, and due to the continuing high fire danger conditions within Jefferson County, the following activities are prohibited under Stage 1 Fire Restrictions in the restricted portions of the county:
Building, maintaining, attending, or using any fire or recreational campfire, except a recreational fire within a permanently constructed fire grate in a developed park, campground, private residence, or picnic area.  
NOTE: Users of private residential recreational campfires exempted as described above are encouraged to contact their local fire agency and advise start and finish times to alleviate smoke check responses.
Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an area of at least six feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all combustible material. (2015 IFC 310.8)
Open burning, including “bon fires” that require a permit from the fire authority having jurisdiction. (2015 IFC 105.6.30)
The use of all fireworks.
NOTE: Burn permits issued and not executed prior to the effective date of these temporary fire restrictions shall not be authorized unless approved by the issuing agency on the day of execution.
For more information on the enacted restrictions, please click the link below.
Please Help Protect Our Community
Posted on Apr 21st, 2022 Comments (0)
Please Help Protect Our Community
  1. As previously communicated, there have been an increasing number of vandalism incidents in the community. Vandalism of any kind is expensive to remedy and such costs fall directly on the District (i.e. the homeowners). In order to protect our facilities, the Parkview Swim and Fitness Center will now remain locked at all times. Residents will need their key card at any time to gain access. We ask that residents do not give access those without a key card, especially unaccompanied minors.  Having residents access the rec centers with their cards allows us to keep track of who is using the amenities and who may be able to help provide information when incidents occur.
  2. There have also been a number of reports of minors setting off fireworks in the community. Not only are Fireworks ILLEGAL in the City of Arvada, but with the recent Marshall Fire and our dry conditions, they are also extremely unsafe.  It never hurts to talk to your kids about fire safety and its importance. The district will soon be posting more information from the Arvada Fire Protection District on Fire Safety and Mitigation. Residents who observe vandalism or fireworks are strongly encouraged to contact the Arvada Police Department immediately.
  3. If you see any activity that needs to be reported please call the non-emergency hotline for Arvada. 
For all emergencies, dial 911. For non-emergency issues, call 720-898-6900 or 303-980-7300
Covenant Control Update
Posted on Apr 21st, 2022 Comments (0)
Covenant Control Update

During recent covenant control inspections we have observed several violations relating to basketball hoops and parking of RVs, trailers and boats. Please see the guidelines below regarding these violations and if you are currently in violation please correct the issue as soon as possible. 

Basketball Hoops: 

Portable Basketball Hoops must be stored on the side of the house (backyard) in an appealing location, not on the sidewalk, street, or front yard when not in use. 

NO permanent basketball goals, hoops, backboards, or nets shall be installed in the front yard of a Residential Site

Basketball backboards that are free-standing and portable are NOT allowed in the public right-of-way, streets, sidewalks, parkways, or driveway aprons. These backboards must be stored away from view when not in use. Storing backboards in front or side yards or driveways is prohibited

RVs, Trailer and Boat Parking:

The City of Arvada limits the parking of RVs and trailers. The code is as follows:

All vehicles and trailers on public or private property must be operable and currently registered or stored out of public sight like an enclosed garage. All vehicles and trailers must be parked on an approved surface (concrete, asphalt, or rock). 

Recreational vehicles, including trailers, can only be parked on the street for 72 hours in any given seven (7) day period. Recreational vehicles cannot be used for overnight accommodations (on private or public property).

Oversized vehicles are not allowed on city streets. The City considers oversized vehicles to be anything longer than 25 feet in length or wider than 8 feet, a truck tractor or semi-trailer regardless of size (does not include RVs).
Foxtail Pond Update
Posted on Apr 21st, 2022 Comments (0)
Foxtail Pond Update

The District wanted to continue to provide updates to residents on the status of the clean-up of Foxtail Pond in Townview.  This pond is part of a seven (7) detention pond system in Candelas and its deterioration was a result of this system not functioning properly.  In March/April the District hired a contractor to drain the pond in order to clean trash and other debris out of the drainage ways (which was preventing this pond from draining as intended). Once drained, additional repairs were identified, which the District is in the process of doing.  It will take some time for the pond to rejuvenate and begin to retain water again.  As a detention pond, its purpose is important to flood control. Their purpose is to slow down water for a short period of time (not to retain it indefinitely).  As such, the pond should only hold up to 2.5’ ft of water at a time.  We will continue to keep residents informed of updates on the progress made to this area. Your patience and partnership is appreciated.
Parkview Swim & Fitness Locked Front Doors
Posted on Apr 21st, 2022 Comments (0)
Parkview Swim & Fitness Locked Front Doors

As of today April 21st, 2022 the doors to the Parkview facility will remain locked 24/7. In order to access the building, all residents will need to have their access cards with them. If you don't have access cards and need to get in, you may come during office hours and call Madison at 720-625-8080.
Have a question that the City may be able to address?
What is the status of the street lights?
Posted on Apr 6th, 2022 Comments (0)
Fire Safety Links
Posted on Jan 22nd, 2022 Comments (0)
We plan on holding a Town hall in February to discuss fire safety, more to come...
Below are a few helpful links:
Public Comments Follow up Meeting 1/18/22
Posted on Jan 21st, 2022 Comments (0)
Board meeting 1/18/22
Q- Harvey Newman addressed the Board regarding the status of upcoming community events. He stated he would like to see more events in the future.
A- Director Rieter provided a response to his request and spoke to the Social Committee’s process and planning of upcoming events.
Q- Heather Sparr-Hoornaert addressed the Board regarding a potential fire mitigation meeting with the Arvada Fire Department.
A- This was acknowledged as a great idea
Q- Anna Smith addressed the Board regarding the lights that are out on the Candelas signs. Ms. Barnett reported that Timberline staff has not found power to these signs. Ms. Smith then addressed the Board regarding missing meeting recordings on the community website.
A- It was noted that the previous management company did not provide recordings for a few 2021 meetings.
Q- Anna Smith requested that when questions or concerns are posed during public comment and not addressed, that the Board provide responses via email, etc.
A- We will provide this space to address Questions and Answers
Q- Teresa Kay addressed the Board regarding the signs in the park and on the trails that have the previous management company’s contact information on them and asked that they be updated.
A- Director Bolin asked for the location of these signs so we can address
Q- Teresa Kay asked what the District could do to mitigate the increase in crime in the community.
A- Director Bolin reported that the District would be supportive of programs such as Neighborhood Watch, etc.
A- Director Rieter noted that she works with several communities and is seeing an uptick in crime in them as well.