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Foxtail Pond Update
Posted on Apr 21st, 2022

Foxtail Pond Update

The District wanted to continue to provide updates to residents on the status of the clean-up of Foxtail Pond in Townview.  This pond is part of a seven (7) detention pond system in Candelas and its deterioration was a result of this system not functioning properly.  In March/April the District hired a contractor to drain the pond in order to clean trash and other debris out of the drainage ways (which was preventing this pond from draining as intended). Once drained, additional repairs were identified, which the District is in the process of doing.  It will take some time for the pond to rejuvenate and begin to retain water again.  As a detention pond, its purpose is important to flood control. Their purpose is to slow down water for a short period of time (not to retain it indefinitely).  As such, the pond should only hold up to 2.5’ ft of water at a time.  We will continue to keep residents informed of updates on the progress made to this area. Your patience and partnership is appreciated.
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