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Covenant Control Update
Posted on Apr 21st, 2022

Covenant Control Update

During recent covenant control inspections we have observed several violations relating to basketball hoops and parking of RVs, trailers and boats. Please see the guidelines below regarding these violations and if you are currently in violation please correct the issue as soon as possible. 

Basketball Hoops: 

Portable Basketball Hoops must be stored on the side of the house (backyard) in an appealing location, not on the sidewalk, street, or front yard when not in use. 

NO permanent basketball goals, hoops, backboards, or nets shall be installed in the front yard of a Residential Site

Basketball backboards that are free-standing and portable are NOT allowed in the public right-of-way, streets, sidewalks, parkways, or driveway aprons. These backboards must be stored away from view when not in use. Storing backboards in front or side yards or driveways is prohibited

RVs, Trailer and Boat Parking:

The City of Arvada limits the parking of RVs and trailers. The code is as follows:

All vehicles and trailers on public or private property must be operable and currently registered or stored out of public sight like an enclosed garage. All vehicles and trailers must be parked on an approved surface (concrete, asphalt, or rock). 

Recreational vehicles, including trailers, can only be parked on the street for 72 hours in any given seven (7) day period. Recreational vehicles cannot be used for overnight accommodations (on private or public property).

Oversized vehicles are not allowed on city streets. The City considers oversized vehicles to be anything longer than 25 feet in length or wider than 8 feet, a truck tractor or semi-trailer regardless of size (does not include RVs).
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