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Public Comments Follow up Meeting 1/18/22
Posted on Jan 21st, 2022

Board meeting 1/18/22
Q- Harvey Newman addressed the Board regarding the status of upcoming community events. He stated he would like to see more events in the future.
A- Director Rieter provided a response to his request and spoke to the Social Committee’s process and planning of upcoming events.
Q- Heather Sparr-Hoornaert addressed the Board regarding a potential fire mitigation meeting with the Arvada Fire Department.
A- This was acknowledged as a great idea
Q- Anna Smith addressed the Board regarding the lights that are out on the Candelas signs. Ms. Barnett reported that Timberline staff has not found power to these signs. Ms. Smith then addressed the Board regarding missing meeting recordings on the community website.
A- It was noted that the previous management company did not provide recordings for a few 2021 meetings.
Q- Anna Smith requested that when questions or concerns are posed during public comment and not addressed, that the Board provide responses via email, etc.
A- We will provide this space to address Questions and Answers
Q- Teresa Kay addressed the Board regarding the signs in the park and on the trails that have the previous management company’s contact information on them and asked that they be updated.
A- Director Bolin asked for the location of these signs so we can address
Q- Teresa Kay asked what the District could do to mitigate the increase in crime in the community.
A- Director Bolin reported that the District would be supportive of programs such as Neighborhood Watch, etc.
A- Director Rieter noted that she works with several communities and is seeing an uptick in crime in them as well.
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