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Foxtail Pond Updates
Posted on Apr 29th, 2022

Update as of 4/28/22
All Candelas ponds, including Foxtail Pond,  were inspected by the City of Arvada and the Developer's water engineer 4/27/22.  Foxtail Pond was confirmed that it is functioning properly, as it was intended (one component of the larger stormwater and drainage system that runs through the community).  The water level is a few inches below the intended level of the micropool due to the minor leak in the outfall structure, a general lack of rain (which would feed the pond through the outfall structures coming from the streets in conjunction with flows from the upstream drainage channel) and normal evaporation rates consistent with standing water during a dry period.  It was further agreed that the leak is considered "a minor issue" and a leak like this is common for detention ponds throughout the state.  The City also said the leak is not having any adverse impact on the stormwater system and does not require immediate repair. 
End result: Foxtail pond is currently in compliance.
Visually, the cleanup effort looks incomplete, mainly based on the clear delineation of where the cattails were removed versus where they remain. 
ELCI was brought in to get this pond functional again, they did their best to submit a proposal to get it cleaned up and operating again.  ELCI was given a “not to exceed” provision of 125-man hours in the proposal.  Once the work commenced, they communicated to the Timberline team that there was more work than they had projected. 
Next steps:
1)  The Board approved a certain dollar amount, so Timberline and ELCI  had to manage to that authorized amount
2)  The primary goal was to get the pond functioning as intended with positive drainage flows as engineered (which has now been confirmed was successful)
3)  The secondary goal is to get as much cleaned up as money we had left and re-evaluate at that point
Timberline has asked them for a few more proposals for the Board's consideration/discussion:
1)  Removal of the rock "island" at the major inlet, the original proposal was for $4,785. 
2)  There is sediment and rock buildup in 3 out of the other 5 inlets that needs to be removed. 
3)  A proposal for what it would cost to clean up Foxtail Pond after a major rain event (outside of routine maintenance intervals) to ensure the pond drains down within 48 - 72 hours as designed
The Timberline team will be in touch as they receive the additional proposals.
Just to clarify for the community as a whole: there seems to be confusion about what type of pond Foxtail Pond actually is.  Foxtail Pond is a detention pond; with a micropool component, NOT a retention pond. Per water law in Colorado, you cannot retain water that you don't have the rights and/or permits for in what are approved "detention ponds".  What this means is that we cannot allow Foxtail Pond to hold more water than it was designed and intended to hold.  With regular maintenance, the depth of the pond, at any given time, may be higher or lower than desired, based on natural precipitation.  Therefore, community expectations should be adjusted accordingly on the visual and physical nature of Foxtail Pond.  In time, the vegetation and ecosystems will re-establish and recover.
We understand that this pond, amenity/common area/common and the space around it, is important to the Townview residents, as it is also important to the entire community in having a functional stormwater management system.
Thank you!